Taken Positive Movie Review

Taken Movie CoverImagine a man that loved his country so much that he basically ruined his life, all because he was that dedicated to serving his country? This is exactly what happened to Bryan Mills, an older man who is currently divorced and has a daughter that he barely sees. The movie taken has many interesting events that happen throughout the movie, including fight scenes and action sequences. I really liked this movie because it keeps you on the edge and makes you wonder what’s next.

            Bryan Mills worked as a secret agent for most of his life. He paid more attention to his job than he did his family, so that’s why he’s currently divorced. He has a seventeen year old daughter named Kim, but he calls her Kimmi. The trouble starts when Kim wants to go to Paris with her friend, Amanda. Bryan doesn’t approve because he believes that they are both too young to go. He knows the dangers of the world, since he’s been around the world for his job. After much arguing and crying, Bryan finally allows Kim to go with Amanda to Paris. The trouble just progresses from this point on.

            The acting was very good in this movie. Liam Neeson played as the main character, Bryan Mills, and I feel like he’s the only man who could play this role. He did a great job playing a man dealing with family issues, while also dealing with his job. Maggie Grace did a great job while playing as Kim, Bryan’s daughter. She had to take on a hard roll because she is one of the key figures in this movie. What happens to Kim in this movie is what causes the start of the plot.

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